About us

About Royal Gold Investments Ltd.

We are professional registered company selling original African Gold that is mined from the continent's richest gold deposits.  We also sell selectively mined gold and gold products from other continents.  Our gold is smelted and processed in world-standard facilities, and handled by certified precious metal professionals. This meticulous, scientific process ensures the highest quality standards of gold purification.

Certified Gold:  The majority of our gold products have royal origins from the vast kingdoms of East  and Southern Africa.  Therefore, we pride ourselves in branding our products as "Royal African Gold",  which comes with International Assay certificate of authenticity and purity.

We sell pure gold. No fillers, no impurities.

Quality Statement:  All our gold is conflict free! Mined from the richest gold deposits on the continent, and handled by certified precious metal professionals. You will be pleased with your purchase. Quality Guaranteed!

Verified Merchants:  We are trusted sellers and Paypal verified Merchants at our main and affiliate websites, including ebay, which provides buyer protection guarantees. This gives our buyers peace of mind about their transaction!

Our Prices vs the London Fix:  Our gold prices are slightly lower than those of the London Fix because we procure our products directly from the source (no middlemen). We can afford to give the best prices because want to give a savings opportunity to prospective investment buyers and resellers so they can make a good profit. Who doesn't like that?

Sizes & Purity Available: We mainly specialize in 24k/.9999 1 Kilo (32.15 Troy Ounce) Gold Bars. However, we can also supply tailor-made orders according to customer specifications.

We also sell gold coins, ranging from 22k-24k.  

Large Quantity orders: We supply large quantities (5 kilos and above) by written orders only. Large quantity buyers must identify themselves and/or their company, show proof to pay, and illustrate security measures in place if they want physical delivery of their order. A Proforma Invoice will be supplies to buyers of large quantities. We accept Paypal, check, and Wire Transfer. All wire transfers must be in the name of the buying individual or company. No exceptions.

Please note:  We do not take verbal or phone orders for large quantities/5 kilos and above of gold. All large quantity orders must be placed in writing.