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VARIED YEARS 2018-2020

The vision of Liberty and the majestic power of the bald eagle have graced American coinage since the first coins were struck in gold at the United States Mint in 1794. Honoring the nation’s diversity, Liberty is now featured in a form other than the traditional depictions commonly found on American coins. The 2018-W 1/10 oz Proof American Gold Liberty Coin features that same design and is currently available to you for purchase online.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a protective plastic slab courtesy of the PCGS!
  • 1st release of the 1/10 oz version of the American Gold Liberty coin!
  • Total mintage limited to only 135,000 coins!
  • The coin pictured is only a representation of the coin you will receive, not the exact coin (serial numbers will vary) 
  • Contains 1/10 Troy oz of .9999 pure gold.
  • Bears a Grade of PR70 from the Professional Coin Grading Service.
  • Includes a First Strike label.
  • A vibrant, inspiring portrait of Liberty graces the obverse of the coin.
  • The powerful and majestic American bald eagle soars on the reverse of the coin.
  • Bears a “W” mint mark from the West Point Mint.

The design on these coins is the first of many planned for commemorative gold coins from the Mint in the years to come which reimagine Liberty with features reflecting the broader background of American citizens. From all walks of life and many corners of the globe, these visions of Liberty are new to American gold coins.

On the obverse of these 2018-W 1/10 oz Proof American Gold Liberty Coins is the depiction of Liberty in left-profile relief. What makes this design different is the depiction of her as a woman with African-American physical characteristics, with common elements typically associated with images of Liberty, such as her hair collected back in a bun and a crown of stars resting upon her head.

The reverse of the Proof American Gold Liberty Coins feature a bald eagle in flight. This powerful, majestic bird was chosen as the national symbol in 1792 by the first American congress. The nation chooses the bald eagle for its majesty, longevity, and power. Included on this side is the “W” mint mark of the West Point Mint on this side.

All of the 2018-W 1/10 oz Proof American Gold Liberty Coins featured here today are perfect specimens according to the PCGS. A proof coin that earns the PR70 grade displays its full, original mint luster and lacks any sign of detracting flaws on the surface areas or design elements. With a First Strike label included, you know that these coins arrived at the PCGS within the first 30 days of their 2018 release date as set by the United States Mint.