10 g Gold Cowries .999 Bag - 30 g (3 x 10 g) Bag: Total 30g Cowries

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High quality South African gold with an amazing historical background!

Just a simple snail shell? The Money Cowry is much more than that. Dating back to 1200 BC, money cowries were widely used as currency around the world, on almost every continent. Now, the attractive advantages of this ancient currency, a humble snail shell, have been replicated in pure .999 gold.

The Money Cowry, or Cypraea Moneta, was reportedly used as a liquid asset as recently as the middle of the 20th century.  Now in available in .999 fine gold, the 10 gram gold cowry improves upon its fragile ancestor’s advantages. Pure gold in small denominations is especially desirable due to its convenience, durability, incredible value and very small size.

This product comes in an attractive African pouch made of soft sheepskin. Each of the three gold cowries weighs 0.3215 oz (10 g). Each bag of three gold cowries contains 0.9645 oz (30 grams) of pure .999 fine gold.

Shaped like a real money cowry shell, each pure gold 10 gram cowrie is stamped with both weight (10 g) and purity (.999). Whether for an investment in gold, or just for a convenient and portable way to hold small amounts of pure gold, these gold money cowries are the best.  

QUALITY STATEMENT:  All our gold is conflict free! Mined from the richest gold deposits on the continent, and handled by certified precious metal professionals. You will be pleased with your purchase.  Quality Guaranteed!  

RETURNS:  We do not accept returns on altered or exchanged bars.  If you have any concerns about your product, please contact us immediately for a resolution.  We want to work with you to ensure a good buying experience.


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